Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi (fluffy)

Best Friend: Stuart

Favorite Pastime: eating

Loves: swimming, being the center of attention, car rides, horse shows

Hates: loud noises, not being the center of attention, walkies

Strange Behaviors: Where to begin? Sleeping on back, growling at you to get you to pet her, walking under Stuart, swimming in her water bowl,


Isn't she a beauty?

Did somebody say "treat"?

This is a webcam shot from when Jenni was just a pup!

I just love those articulated ears,

Here Jenni is doing her favorite thing!

Look at those muddy feet! Somebody has been swimming in the pond again!

Terribly out of focus, but just too cute to leave out.

An inseparable pair.


We can do the gymnastics too!