Zaphod's First Days

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11/03 We took Zaphod and Paddy to the park today. Zaphod loaded perfectly, ate his hay, and really didn't care about it. After all, he is a world traveler. When we got to the park, Paul went off with Paddy on a mini trail and I went tearing around the field, scaring everyone who was out walking their dogs and playing ball. Then we met up and hung out for a while and shot a few pictures. It was fun and everyone was very well behaved!!! See the pictures here.


Zaphod has adjusted very well and the boys just love him. They don't give him a hard time at all. The 3 do everything together. T-Rex even lets Zaphod stand in the middle of the hay pile. When I ride T-Rex, Paddy and Zaphod go tearing around the ring. Zaphod is even allowed to come in the barn for dinner first! Paddy and Zaphod are inseperable, since they are both youngsters. For the first couple of weeks, Zaphod was convinced that Paddy was really his mother, and Paddy thought that was just fine!



Zaphod's first day at home. He has been eating hay, drinking water, and checking everything out. Zaphod is extremely friendly and inquisitive. He does not seem to be flustered by all the excitement,. although he was a little bit congested, probably due to all the movement.


Zaphod's first day. He just loves his new stall!