T-Rex's Show Journal

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Fortunate Farms
"He has an excellent canter," was more or less what the judge said. T-Rex is made for dressage and with a little schooling could probably move quickly through the levels. After having already showed another horse, Aidan quickly tacked up and entered the ring for Training Level tests 3 and 4 without schooling. T-Rex was excellent and behaved very well. They ended up 2nd and 3rd? Correct me if that's wrong, Aidan. Nice job!!!!
What a fantastic job the pair did. With a 1st, 3rd, and 6th in the equitation they were almost reserve champion and beat some very nice horses. T-Rex got all the strides this time which made a big difference and his changes as well. In the hunters they were 5th, 2nd, and 6th and two fifths in the pleasures. Nice!
Aidan and T had their first official show as a team. It was a very spooky day and Aidan did a great job controlling T-Rex despite his excitement. The pair showed in a very competitive class of long stirrup riders.He was a little quick on the flat, but Aidan really cleaned up over fences. She got all her changes and even took a few strides out!
Fortunate Farm
Who knew that Aidan could shine in dressage. Could this be the start of a career change? Aidan demonstrated elegance and poise in Training level. T-Rex looked beautiful in his new dressage tack, and Aidan equally so in her new show clotes. A great performance and some decent ribbons!!! In Training 1 they were 3rd and 2nd in Training 2. Excellent!
Way to go, Aidan and T-Rex. They had an incredible day at their first rated hunter show. In the pleasures they earned 4 ribbons: 3rd, 4th, 2nd, and 1st!!! Even better, they had some great trips in the schooling hunters and even placed.
Mystic Valley
What an incredible day for Aidan. She hopped around the 2' schooling hunters beautifully and earned a 6th place out of 20 horses, so we moved her up the the children's equ at 2'6". That was a great decision, as she quietly cantered around the course with very few mistakes and pinned 3rd, 4th, and 3rd in the flat out of 10 horses. She also put on a wonderful performance in the dressage ring and demonstrated T-Rex's wonderful natural rhythm. Out of 16 horses, she was 9th in Training Level Test 1.
Great job in junior equ and children's hunter.
They keep getting better. Fantastic rhythm, all the changes, and quite a few good distances. They were in the ribbons in the Children's Hunter and Junior Equ as well. 3' is nothing for them.....junior hunters here we come!

Well, it was back to the A/O's. Everything turned out fine in the freezing cold, 19 degree weather. T-rex was great in schooling and very responsive. The dressage training really seems to help my seat and position, and his resposiveness and roundness. He got a little quick in our 2nd trip, but still managed to fit in the strides with some dignity. On my trip home, I stopped at a gas station for some drinks and a woman backed right into me, knocking me over! Needless to say, it was an exciting day!!! 2 fifths and 1 fourth.

It was a weekend filled with plenty of mishaps, but overall went very well. T didn't peek at anything. Two fifths and a fourth in the hack. Then the next day I got on and schooled, no problem, just felt a little sore. I did my first course and tried to land on the left lead, but I just couldn't get the change. Something was terribly wrong. Paul took a look and told me that all the nails from one side of his back shoe were missing! It turns out he lost his balance again in the trailer and pulled the other hind shoe! Got the blacksmith to pull off the shoe. Everyone wanted me to do it barefoot, but I wasn't going to take any chances. I did jog him for a fifth place.



Everything went really well. I was very nervous since I hadn't shown since February, but T-Rex was a real trooper. Schooling went excellent. I was getting some quieter distances and still had too much pace getting down the lines. Anyway, we had a pretty good first round. In the second one, I asked for an enormous distance and knocked down half the fence. We had to circle and catch the last fence. But the point is, T-Rex jumped it!!!
Well, I learned that when you're jumping 3'6" regularly, it's probably not a good idea to do 2' at a show. T-Rex was very strong. He knew that the line was 5 strides and by golly he was going to get 5 strides. The show was really big and there was a lot of activity with western horses and horses just out of control. He is used to the more "elite" horse shows, so I think this sort of spooked him. Anyway, we ended up reserve champion out of 11.
T-Rex was a little iffy at first, but then got with the program. The fences were a full 3'6".We ended up with two thirds and a second in the hack.
This was our best show since the fall in Aprl. First of all, we got there about an hour late. We had to rush, as they were holding the class for us. The Connecticut Hunters were only about 3'-3'3", so that was easy. When the fences went up a hole for the Amateur-Owners, I became a little nervous, but we ended up having two fairly good trips and got all our lead changes. We ended up pinning two thirds and a second again!!!
Folly Classic
We qualified and competed in the Folly Farm Connecticut Open Hunter Classic. T-Rex was great except for missing a few changes and being a little too quick in the first round. Our scores in the 1st and 2nd rounds were 66 and 75, respectfully. So we ended up improving. We finished 8th after competing against many professionals and some really nice horses.