Paddy Reilly Around the Barn

This is the first moment we saw Paddy. He came in running with a herd of mothers and colts. His mare had been removed and he was the only foal without mother, so he was trying to latch on to the other mares. Paddy was the only friendly colt of the whole bunch. The other few were skittish.

This picture was taken as a series for the sole purpose of teaching my kids prepositions in a fun and unique way. This picture was used to teach "on top of". (I realize that I am a very strange teacher.)

It took a long time to get this shot because Paddy was being chased by the other boys. We had to hold them off with a whip. A few seconds after this, Paddy had retreated at a full gallop, in fear for his life.He is a weanling here.

Believe it or not, Paddy is a weanling in this picture. This was his first winter, and he thoroughly enjoyed the snow. I love this picture because he is flicking his toes!

As a yearling, enjoying a Spring day.

Before leaving for a Dressage show. In every picture that we took, his front left leg is in the same position. It looks like he is walking, but he actually was just standing.