Mystic Valley




Scoresheet Remarks

Introductory A


Introductory B

Score: 60.7%

Gaits: 6

Impulsion: 6

Submission: 7

Rider: 6



Gaits: 7

Impulsion: 7

Submission: 6

Rider: 7


Negative Remarks:

drifting to left on enter

circle too large

need to work to steady stretch

little resistant 1st half orf circle

drifting to left

haunches to right

Negative Remarks:

drifting left when entering

resistant to bend first 1/2 of circle

need to stretch more at walk

drifting right at change rein

haunches to right at centerline

a little loss of attention

Positive Remarks:

"nice effort"

"nice flex to left"

"Lovely test!"

Positive Remarks:

"Nice Overall Test"