"Playing the Angel"

2003 Haflinger/Welsh Cross


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October CEC Still getting better. Canter transitions improved, no more behind the bit. Judge wants me to just let go now. He's VERY forward which makes that difficult. Good behavior. Scores 56% and 60% training 1 and 2. 4th and 2nd.
September CEC Best show yet. Much less behind the bit although the judge now wants his neck higher and less rushing. Although the scores weren't good we had a few nice canter transitions, nice circles, and some really good moments. 52% training 1 and 57% training 2. 1st and 2nd.
His training level introduction. A very good boy and the judge said that Lendon Grey would like him! Said he'd also make a great combined driving pony. Need to soften through the top line and extend the neck, not so sucked behind the bit. 60% intro B and 57% training 1. 1st and 1st.
Lebanon Fair
This was a very busy show and seeing how we were able to squeeze in the pony and bring 3, Arthur had lots of friends to worry about. Aside from the calling he didn't do much wrong. His canter is so improved. Very big classes but not concerned about the other horses. This was Jodi's first time showing and she handled it well. No spook, just lots of calling. Hopefully he will pin next time.
A very good boy with Intro B score in the 60's. 2nd and 3rd.
Arthur had a fantastic day from beginning to end. His debut in dressage after only 90 days training. No spook, perfect center lines, nice flexion. A bit of tension through the back but we're working on that... a 1st and 2nd (beat Zaphod in the second class) with a score of 80!!!!!!
Infinity Farm Wonderful behavior. Went softly on loose rein. 1st place with Isabelle in lead line. 1st, 3rd, 3rd, and reserve champion with Abby in micro.
August Cornerstone A tough day with Bria in Schooling Hunter U/S. Some spooking, lots of calling. Pinned 4th and 3rd with Hannah in lead line.
June Infinity Farm His first show! Did really great in Green Horse classes with Bria. 4th and 2nd. Also schooled some cross country.