Stuey Facts:

Best Friend: Jenni

Favorite Pastime: Nipping bottoms

Favorite Food: None, doesn't like to eat.

Loves: Squeaky toys, being brushed

Hates: thunder and lightning, swimming. electric fences

Strange Habits: wiping face after eating

Could he possibly be any cuter?

This is was taken just after winning his 2nd leg towards his CD title (obedience). I had a friend take him to the photographer while I finished packing up. Stuart was very willing to pose for the camera, but shortly after took off looking for me.

Just loving that Spring day.

An adorable pose with Jenni, when she was a pup. This is when Jenni's reign of terror started. Consequently, Stuart lost weight due to Jenni's ability to eat her own meal and his before Stuart even has time to think about it.

Stuart snuggling with his cousin, Cecily.

Are my knees high enough?

Here Stuart is preparing to bite my bum.

We're ready for simultaneous agility!

He loves to do that.

Look at those big teeth.

An adorable puppy.