Cool things about Izzi....funny things she says, accomplishments, etc.
November 2011
Izzi ended a very successful show season, starting the rated shows in October. Shine ended up with qualifying points for a blue ribbon in the pleasures, and Izzi with a merit ribbon for the eq. The banquet will be held in March. See individual show results here.
October 2011

Grand Opening of the Perez Paleontology Museum

Izzi worked very hard to display minerals, geodes, fossils, dinosaur footprints, trilobites, and even dinosaur dung. She also created posters about volcanoes. The grand opening included a power poit presentation and lecture about different types of dinosaurs as well as a champagne toast.

After 1 month of riding, Izzi can w/t with a bit of canter, jump a small fence, and trail ride. She attended 2 shows: first in leadline and then her w/t debut and was 1st in each.

Izzi won the Windham Reads Spelling Bee for the entire 1st grade at North Windham!!!!!!!


Also, she scored VERY high on the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement with some standard scores in the 160's and well above average in all areas.


Very Cute Story: A friend of ours had some baby kittens in her car. Having just fed them milk from a bottle, Iz came storming down to the ring shouting, "Mommy, can I have a kit... can I have a kit.... (my heard pounding with apprehension)....can I have a kit kat!!!"

February 2011

Academically Izzi is doing great. She had the second highest DRA (reading) score of the two classes, and missed the highest only because she rushed through the reading when she saw that she was being timed. In English she tested at the highest level. She is reading 150 words per minute in English 4th grade. I gave her the Bateria Woodcock Munoz and she scored at a 7th grade level for decoding (very elevated) and a second grade level in Spanish.

Izzi has also been playing basketball and is very dedicated to it. She's also learning to dive and jumped off a very high diving board. (well...high for me)

A cute Izzi quote: "We should have a cow so we can have milk and meat. But we'll need a shotgun."

October 2010

Izzi is now in first grade. She skipped kindergarten as it would be much too easy for her. She has adapted beautifully, even being the youngest. In fact she is in top reading and math groups. Izzi is reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books nightly and plans on dressing as Laura for Halloween.

June 2010


Izzi's wedding poem to Evan.

I like…..

I am your daughter
I like you a lot.
I wish we could have a great family.
And someday can you visit me at school.
I like to play t-ball with you.
I like to do art with you.
I like hanging out with you and Seth and Stoz.
I like when you cook me dinner.
I like when I’m excited about the wedding.
I like how you take care of me when I’m sick

June 2010

Megan did a running record on Izzi and she passed the late 4th grade (guided reading level V) with 98% accuracy. Some difficulty on the retell though but still impressive.

May 2010

Isabelle is now decoding at an incredible rate and probably comprehending at a 2nd or 3rd grade level in English. She can decode Spanish but usually chooses not to read it.

I had asked my students how many continents there were on Earth. Answers ranged from 2 to 40,000. So I decided to show up my 8th graders. I called Izzi at her daycare, got her on the phone, put it on speaker." Isabelle, cuantos continentes hay?" And she promptly responded, "siete," : )

Izzi has gone about 3 weeks without watching any TV at home!!!!!!!!

March 2010

Izzi decided to give us a lecture on the human body. She told us.

1. We have bones to protect our brains.

2. Babies have more bones than adults.

3. The heart is the size of your fist.

4. The jaw is the strongest muscle in the body.

5. Her mind stole all of her Spanish

6. Her mind gave back her Spanish but then there's no room left to learn French.

August 2009

Here are Izzi's art entries for the Brooklyn Fair. The little fairy and fairy bed were too far away to take a picture of with my phone, as were some of the other entries.

July 2009

Izzi was excited to visit Uncle Greg in jail for the first time. She wrote (with help) Yo voy a visitarte and then proceeded to draw the's Uncle Greg (behind bars, Izzi, and her new puppy). You just have to laugh.

December 2009

We were shopping at Toys R Us and Izzi found a little gadget that one could use to pick things up with. Like a pair of tongs. She told me it was a "snipper snapper". I replied. It was such a perfect name for the toy that "snipper snapper" became a common phrase in our household.

November 2008

Izzi's Christmas List

Otro traje de danza (another dancing dress)
One pretty princess hat
Doggie peluche (doggy stuffed animal)
One special libro (book)
One baseball ball
One doll that starts with the letter B
One princess hat that can go on my head
Una muñeca de dress-up (dress-up doll)
One cookie to eat
Two flowers
One cat with a hat that’s a princess
Something that starts with the letter O
One dress-up skirt
One animals that’s un insecto (insect)
A pretty pencil that’s got the ball on top
One crayon with Cinderella on the top
One leaf
One picture de una princesa de Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella
One castle

October 2008

Izzi ended up at the ER for a bad case of the croup. We layed together in the cot, she got a double pop for taking her medicine, and she modeled for her x-rays. It was an unpleasant experience for Izzi (other than the photo shoot, which she loved), or so I thought. For the next few nights she begged me to take her to the hospital so she could sleep in the special cama (bed) and eat paletas (pops), It's interesting what kids find entertaining.


October 2008

We went to Six Flags for the fourth time this year. Izzi was getting pretty bored with the rides. At the moment she is into thrill rides and has not experienced anything that scares her, other than dragons. I can't say as much for myself. So were were looking at the "Catwhip," a mini-rollercoaster that to me looked much scarier than the Looney Tunes one we had been riding. Not to Izzi. She was ready to go on it. As Izzi darted to the line, I hopefully looked at the sign that tells you the minimum height requirement. I asked her to stand up against it and she just about made it. "I can see you pushing down on her head so she's not tall enough to go on, " . I got out of that one easily, but only 'til she grows another inch.


August 2008

Izzi is currently tall for her age so she makes the cutoff for amusement park rides that a lot of kids her age can't go on. So we went on mini-scream at the Hebron Harvest Fair. I suddenly became nervous at the dropping motion, Izzi cackling next to me, me practically crying. Then the next day we went again and this time I snuck her onto a ride which has a 42 inch minimum (she's about 37 inches) that has a pendulum motion and swings way up high and all around. I videoed it and thought she'd be terrified, but she was just talking the whole way apparently, about how she wished that Haley and I could go on it with her. She wasn't scared a bit!


July 2008

We were at the Third Thursday Street Festival in Willimantic in the children’s section watching a reptile exhibit. Isabelle happily observed and touched a few lizards while munching on a slice of pizza. Then came the grand finale: the boa constrictor. I was sure this would be a disaster and that she would want to leave. The reptile expert slowly brought out the boa when suddenly Isabelle jumped up in what I thought was fear. “I don’t want him to eat my pizza!” she yelled. After realizing that the snake was not interested in her food, she calmly settled down to watch the rest of the show.

June 2008

Isabelle is currently completing 100 piece puzzles with minimum help. I usually group the edges together. She is also using her computer independently. She can go to favorites, select from the drop down menu, and play her games. (we are starting to limit content and amount of time on her computer).