Denali ("Picture This")

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12 year old Percheron-Thoroughbred
Sold! We miss him very much!

I purchased Denali as a yearling from a breeder in upstate New York. That summer we truly bonded "on the ground", doing crazy things (as teenagers tend to do) like jumping stone walls, and chasing cows. I decided to get Denali out right away, so I showed him in hand as a yearling, took him to parks, school yards (got in trouble for that one), and the beach. This really helped to accustom him to a busy show atmosphere, and to also establish a relationship between Denali and I, a relationship that I have yet to encounter with another horse. As a two and three year old we trucked Denali to some schooling shows along with another horse, and showed him in some Green Horse and Trail classes. At about five years of age we began light jumping in the field and on trails. Denali was extremely easy to teach, and even learned to do flying changes in 1 hour. I also did a lot of free schooling him to the jumps. At six years of age we began showing on the CHJA and local AHSA circuits. He proved to be a solid, honest horse, who was consistent no matter the weather, footing, or spooky fences.
Good news! I recently heard from Denali's new owner in Southern Pines, NC and he is doing very well! He has a pasture mate named Donegal.

Here we are coming back from a small creek at the back of show grounds. His reward after showing was a drink and a splash around the creek. Denali loved water!

One of Denali's first shows under saddle. He's about 2 here. You can tell it was a long time ago by the rust breeches.